What is an NFT Drop

What is an NFT drop?

Anyone who follows a little more closely what is happening on Web3.0 has certainly heard of NFTs. But it is wrong (and a lot!) who thinks that NFTs are just funky and colorful images that are sold for millions to collectors.

But what exactly are the NFT?

What are NFTs

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens, or Non-Fungible Tokens, in Portuguese) are digital assets that cannot be copied or replicated, that is, they are unique tokens in the world.

To better understand, a token is the digital representation of a good, such as cryptocurrencies or works of digital art. Each token is registered in a Blockchain, which is like a large ledger that only allows notes and consultation. Nothing on the blockchain can be deleted, changed or copied. This registration is done through Smart Contracts, or intelligent contracts (translation into Portuguese), which are self-executing programs distributed in a decentralized way and without intermediaries. And it is this blockchain record that guarantees the authenticity of an NFT.

As an NFT cannot be copied or shared in any way, companies, clubs and creators started to launch collections of exclusive NFTs to engage and bring their communities closer together.

McLaren, the luxury car manufacturer, launched a collection of NFTs that gave buyers access to participate in choosing the color of the brand's next launch. Campari offered drink preparation courses with brand specialists for those who purchased their NFTs. Influencers around the world are launching NFTs with limited quantities, and that cost good money, for fans who want to get closer to their idols, either through 1-on-1 video calls with the influencer, or participating in a community super select on discord.

We can even say that NFTs are the future of access credentials.

And what should these companies and creators do to launch their own NFTs? This is where NFT drops come in.

NFT Drop

An NFT drop is nothing more than the release of a collection of NFTs. When a company or a creator announces that it will drop NFTs, a drop schedule is usually informed. It will list the date and price of the mint, if there is an Allowlist (early access list to the drop of NFTs), the date of disclosure of the NFTs in addition to the amount of NFTs available. All this will already be registered in the Blockchain from the moment of the creation of the smart contract of the drop.

You can create your own NFTs drop for your company or community on platforms like Sonica, which already has smart contracts pre-configured for drops and being no-code, it doesn't require any programming knowledge.


In conclusion, NFTs are unique digital assets that cannot be copied or replicated. Each NFT is registered on a blockchain through smart contracts, ensuring authenticity. Companies and creators have started using NFTs to engage and connect with their communities by offering exclusive collections of NFTs. NFT drops are the release of these collections, and they typically include a drop schedule with information on the date, price, quantity, and access to the NFTs. Platforms like Sonica make it easy for anyone to create their own NFT drop without any programming knowledge. As NFTs continue to gain popularity, it's likely that they will become the future of access credentials.

Published on 04/13/2023 • Blog Sonica


Gabriela C. Trindade

Social Media, Sonica

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