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With Sonica you can build Web3 projects on your favorite blockchain to generate and distribute Tokens, NFTs and Cryptocurrencies in a single and free of codes digital journey.

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The most inovative companies in the world build in Web3 with Sonica

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With Sonica you don't have to be a specialist in blockchain to build your web3 projects. You can count on our pre-built journeys and smart contracts to deploy your project in minutes.

NFT Collection

A group of unique digital assets, each representing a distinct item or concept.

Community Token

A digital asset representing a specific community or group.

Loyalty Token

Digital reward used by companies to incentivize customer loyalty.

Build your web3 projects has never been so easy.

It takes only 4 quick steps to build and launch your Web3 project.

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Embark on your Web3 journey with Sonica! Discover the possibilities of Web3 development - effortless, exceptional, and easy.

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Enjoy the power of choice! Explore the best blockchains for your Web3 projects - seamless, secure, and simple.

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Unleash your creativity! Bring your Web3 vision to life - where innovation meets simplicity.


You're done! Build your Web3 projects quickly, safely, and effectively with Sonica. Experience the ultimate in Web3 development and launch your future today

Build on your favorite blockchain


Ethereum's decentralized platform enables developers to execute smart contracts and create dApps with a high level of security and flexibility.


Polygon (formerly Matic) is a cost-effective and high-performance Layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum that provides an ideal platform for developers to build their dApps.


For developers seeking a highly scalable blockchain solution, Fantom provides fast transaction speeds and low fees for dApp creation.


With its high scalability, developers can leverage Avalanche to create dApps with fast transaction speeds and minimal latency.


Optimism's Layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum allows developers to create highly scalable dApps with quick transaction times and efficient use of resources.


As a parallel blockchain to Binance Chain, Binance Smart Chain offers developers an affordable and efficient platform for building decentralized applications.

The Play4Change project aims to generate social transformation leveraging web 3.0 tools, and Sonica has been offering us this way to build on top of web 2.0 and web 3.0 at the same time. I this way we can have a beautiful website connected to smart contracts, so we can build our web3 projects faster and seamlessly.

Victor Caribé
Co-Founder, Play4Change